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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Activating UCS System and Fabric Interconnect Firmware from CLI

Activating UCS System and Fabric Interconnect Firmware from CLI

I recently had to update the firmware on 2 UCS 6120XPs FIs that were on different firmware versions at the UCS Manager(USCM, also called system) level of the interconnects.  

My first step was to erase the configs on each interconnect and setup was rerun to configure the FIs in "stand-alone" mode.  Also the firmware packages were already loaded to the servers via the GUI(Please refer to the CLI documentation for steps on erasing the configuration and uploading firmware images).  To update the firmware via the CLI I used the following steps:

Update Firmware Version
  1. After establishing a console connection to one of the FIs, login with the admin credentials, and see what firmware images are loaded on the UCSM by entering "scope system" to set the CLI to firmware scope commands, then type "show image" and enter to display the images loaded for the UCSM(system). 
  2. Take a note of the image/firmware version you would like to update to.
  3. Next enter "activate firmware ignorecompcheck" ( was rolling back to 1.3.1o)then press enter.
  4. Next enter "commit-buffer" and press enter.
Fabric Activation

  1. enter "scope fabric-interconnect a"
  2. next enter "show image", and make a note of the version of firmware you want to upgrade to.  Note: the version should match the version activated on the UCSM above.
  3. Enter activate firmware kernel-version system-version
  4. Enter "commit-buffer" and press return.  Note:  This will activate the firmware and reboot the FI and any I/O module connected to that FI.

Use the CLI documentation for some detailed examples on using the commands.