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Monday, December 8, 2008

Gero, Japan

So we are heading on our first trip during this 3 week stay in Japan! Gero is a mountain town located about 2 hours north of Nagoya. The city is well known for its natural spring water and plenty of Onsens(public baths).

We start the day with some steady traffic. Back home (Atlanta) we get our share of traffic but I didn't mind this here at all as I was taking in the scenery.

Once we were a ways out of Nagoya the traffic died down. Here are couple shots I took of the 田舎(Inaka - Country side) on the way.

We took a break at a rest stop along the way. As I stepped out of the car, I see vending machines to the left:

And vending machines to the right:

Vending machines are all over the place in Japan, and most of them only have beverages. I think I only saw one machine with snacks in Tokyo during the whole trip. If you like coffee and tea(like me) then you won't be disappointed!

Here are few shots of the creek/river behind the restaurant at the stop.

After taking a brief brake, were back on the road.

Almost there.........

After dropping our things off at the hotel, we hit the streets for alittle sight seeing before heading to the onsen.

In front of this shop, spring water is pumped into a shallow fountain. Pedestrians can soak their feet while they are taking a break from walking around town. I noticed a couple other spot similar to this around town, sorta cool.

As well as fountains for soaking your feet, We also noticed an outdoor onsen next to the river in this picture(it is just off camera to the left), no I didn't take any pictures!

This is a far and a way shot of our hotel. It was a pretty nice place, and while I am not much for soaking myself in hot water, the onsen was relaxing and I am glad I had a chance to try it out.

Well that is all for Gero. On to Takayama..........


pedra12 said...

Pretty cool. How many days did you stay there?

Harold Simon said...

We were in Gero for one day and one night.