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Friday, November 11, 2011

iSCSI Boot with VMware ESXi on Cisco UCS

This is a follow up post to the iSCSI Boot From SAN post that shows how the virtual networking and Storage Adapter configuration of ESXi looks post install.

Note:  At the time that I posted this, only ESXi 4 is supported by Cisco for iSCSI Boot From SAN on Cisco UCS but ESXi 5 is what I had on hand to test the iSCSI Boot From SAN configuration.

  Once the networking configuration for the host has been completed, connect to the host with the vSphere Client.  The first iSCSI enabled vNIC for the Service Profile is automatically added to a vSwitch and a vmkernel port is configured with the IP address that was configured in the Boot Parameters for the 1st iSCSI vNIC in the server’s Service Profile referenced from my post here.