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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Benten no Yado Itsukushima - Miyajima

I'm dedicating this post to the Benten no Yado Itsukushima, the hotel that we had the please of residing for our one night stay in Miyajima. I stayed at a few hotels (or Ryokan), but this was the most memorable.

My impressions of the hotel began with the lobby pictured below. When we arrived, we were required to remove our shoes at the lobby of the hotel, which was a first for me. Also instead of standing at the counter to fill out forms and waiting for our room keys, we were seated and given beverages while we completed the checking and the attendants prepared our info. It was really different.

Here is a view from or window at during the late evening.....

...and agian at sunset.
As I mentioned in my Gero post, I'm not a big fan of public baths, so we booked some time at one of the private baths at the hotel.

After we finished up with the onsen, it was time for dinner in a private room in the eat hall.

What's on the menu?

And a picture of our room. The hotel staff made our room up while we busy eating.

Another view from our room in the AM.

And what we had for breakfast.

Hotels courtyard that leads to the public outdoor onsen.

And if you can't tell that I liked the view from our room, here is another shot before we headed out for site seeing.

We really enjoyed out stay at the Benten no Yado Itsukushima. The accomodations were excellent and the staff was very friendly and the service was great. I would definetly recommend it to anyone staying in Miyajima.


pedra12 said...

Hi Harold, So was the hotel on a hill, or what floor were to all on? Did you get a pic of the hotel from the outside?

Harold Simon said...

I was on a hill but not that high up. This photo shows the entrance.

It wasn't very tall, and there were to many other buildings around for me to get a decent picture from the outside.