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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


After resting up at the Benten no Yado Itsukushima, we were ready to take a tour of the island.
Here are a few shot taken as we make our way one shopping area leading to Itsukushima Shrine.

And we are getting closer....

The 5 story Pagoda.

after taking a brief look at the area at the back of the shrine, we decide to take the trip to islands peak, to get a good look at the surrounding area, I really enjoyed this part of the trek

Now we are heading up the moutain via cable car......

and after a second cable car we are at the 2nd to last peak, we take a break here to take photos and see some of the wild life.
This was the first of many monkeys that we say on the island. It was shaking the hell out of this pole, I should have taken a video!

Now here was the not so fun part :-( . I my wife wanted us to walk to the highest peak on the island, which was about 1.2km from the 2nd peak. The distance would not have been so bad if 1) we didn't have to go down, and then go back up and 2) if I had prepared myself for a hike on my vacation! I was miserable enough that I forgot to take pictures on the way up to the peak!

1.2Km later and we are almost at the peak! We stop here to take in some of the views before we each take turns going to the and of the trail at the top of the mountain.

The views were even better from up here! After hanging around the peak for about 15 minutes, I was glad my wife had us come all the way to the top!

A small shrine between the peak and the rest area.

And now back down the mountain....I took pictures this time!

Can you make out the snake?!

More monkeys!

And the cable ride back down.

By the time we made our way back to Itsukushima shrine, it was low tide.

And it then it was time to eat. One of the interesting things in Japan are the displays with models of what each dish looks like. I don't know if it makes it harder or easier to choose what to eat, but at least you know what you are getting into!

Beef Donburi!

Really enjoyed Miyajima! A beautiful island with lots to see. After lunch we hurry up to catch our ferry so that we can head to our next stop, Nagasaki.