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Wednesday, December 10, 2008


After taking in the onsen at Gero, our next stop was Takayama, another small town in Gifu Prefecture.

When we arrived I noticed this interesting temple of in the distance.

This the souvenir shop just out side the entrance of the Hida Folk Village.

Here is video of the sign that say "Welcome" at the entrance the shop.

The Hida Folk Village is an open air museum, displaying traditional housing and farm structures from the Hida region. The buildings here were actually moved from other locations in the area to create the village.

This building was sort of a townhall.

some other views from around the village.

The foundation of this house was built from the wood of Chestnut trees. The build withstood an earthquake of 7.0 magnitude.

After the seeing the village and picking up souvenirs at the gift shop, we took a brief stroll through the Old Town area in Takayama.

I really enjoyed this area. It is quite unique, but at the same time reminded me of the mountians towns I visited in southern Germany as a child. I would highly recommend it as a place to visit on your trips to the area.