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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


After a couple days we decided to do something local. We also wanted to shop, so we went to Osu Kannon. It is popular local shopping area in Nagoya, that has everything from electronics to clothes and souvenir shopping.

This is is the temple at Osu. There happened to be a "Yard Sale" type of event that day, so the area around the temple was bustling with shoppers looking at the various items the vendors had for sale.

The guy with the big hat in this picture was selling several military looking items such as guns, uniforms and what not. He was definetly dressed for the occation.

We also made our way into the temple to toss a coin and pray for good luck.

Not sure what it says or means, but I thought this was a cool looking mural.

And a look at the many tents where vendors where displaying thier goods.

Here are some of the items we saw for sale.....

After looking at what was for sale around the temple, we finally headed into the main shopping area. It was really busy at this entrance.

But things died down a bit as we contintued.

This is a photo of a Ramen shop that served Turtles as the main meat. They actually had a turtle in a tank at the front of the store (guess they serve them pretty fresh). Didn't have a chance to see how it tasted though since I wasn't that hungry..... ;-)!

If you have tried turtle meat, how does it taste? Maybe I will give it a try on my next visit.......